Light High Efficiency Graph Component

Qunee Developer Guide

Introduction of Graph Component

Qunee mainly provides Graph components. Different elements can be added to Graph (Node, Edge, Group,ShapeNode, Text, Bus…). The element can be configured with different presentation styles, or mounted or added with different UI elements (LabelUI, ImageUI….). Via the combination and layout, realize rich presentation effect and satisfy several application scenes:

Maps - metro map, statistic maps

Qunee provides rich vector images. For demonstration of point or line data, it is easily to solve. It can be applied to metro and pipelines.
Qunee supports roaming interaction and infinitely-variable zooming, not limiting coordinate scope. This is applicable to presentation of maps. With rich styles of polygon, it can be used to solve problems regarding map background and statistic maps.

Topological graph - social network graph, and network management chart

Support node, edge and grouping and the like element types. With good level control, support then thousands of graphic elements, and smooth operation. Bring light, quick, high efficient visual experience, applicable to solve problems regarding presentation and interaction of web data.

Others - organization chart, mind map, and flow chart

With powerful tree-form of layouter, solve problems regarding automatic layout for tree-form of structural data. It can be applied to organization chart and mind map etc. Provide rich basic images and arrow styles. Support edge types such as curve and orthogonality. Added with control of inclusion relation, problems regarding flow charts can be solved