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Qunee Developer Guide

Why Selecting HTML5 Technology?

The application of previous rich client sides is mainly realized via plug-in technology, such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and Java Applet. All of them have some problems (to install plug-ins, not supporting mobile platform etc.). Compared with that, advantages of HTML5 include:

With the development of technology, main browser gives more and more better support to HTML5. Webpage

doesn’t show words and images any more, and uses technical combination of HTML5 Realize more functions: real-time messaging, local storage, image drawing; and realize rich image interface and animation via Canvas, SVG and CSS3 technologies.

With such technical support, professional image component is possible to be showed in the webpage. Qunee for HTML5 selects HTML5 technology, making the possibility realizable. Reducing technical threshold make high efficient, rich and dynamic image expression possible.