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Qunee Developer Guide

HTML5 <Canvas>

is the newly added label element in the HTML5 standard, which is showed before HTML5 standard,

firstly introduced in Safari browser of Apple. It is used to provide a group of pure 2D drawing API. At present main browsers have been supported. Qunee for HTML5 mainly uses Canvas technology to show image interface.

Canvas elements correspond to the type of HTML Canvas Element, inherit standard HTML Canvas Element type, and is the same with common webpage label element.

It exists in the tree of HTML DOM. Corresponding layout position and style property can be set via CSS. We call it canvas element. By the scripting language, we can draw 2D images on it .

With Canvas technology, the most-often used type is CanvasRenderingContext2D. It indicates the drawing of context, equal to t.Graphics2D in Java 2D. Provide drawn related functions, such as line drawing, graphic filling, word drawing, coordinate change and zooming etc.

There are a dozen of Canvas types, covering basic 2D drawing operation. Provide API comparison bottom layer. Internal core of Qunee for HTML5 will use these APIs, and make abstraction and packaging. Provide high level image elements. Using Qunee development application can use these advanced objects directly. By this way, bottom layer of APIs will not be used, making the development easier.

If you want deeper customization, learn more bottom layer of API about Canvas. Refer to the following linkage: