Light High Efficiency Graph Component

Qunee Developer Guide

Image Registration

Set a name for the resource by registration of images in Qunee. Then set a favourable serialization and source management by this name.

Register image

Key is the source name. Data is the content of image, which can be image URL, Path object or custom- made draw function, referring to Node Image

Q.registerImage = function (key, data){};


After image registration, set image property of node by image name


var graph = new Q.Graph("canvas");
Q.registerImage('logo', '../demos/images/logo.svg');

var logo = graph.createNode('Logo');
logo.image = 'logo';

Operation effect

Built-in icon

Q.Graphs is configured with some icons, which can be visited via the name of Q-XXX, such as

node.image = 'Q-server';

All built-in icons are as follows

var x = -300;
for(var n in Q.Graphs){
        var node = graph.createNode('Q-' + n, x, 100);
        node.image = 'Q-' + n;
        x += 100;

Operation effect

Built-in images

In Q.Shapes some built-in images are defined and can be used as icons

var x = -300;
var y = 200;
var shapes = Q.Shapes.getAllShapes(60, 60);
for(var n in shapes){
    var node = graph.createNode(n, x, y);
    node.image = shapes[n];
    x += 100;
    if(x > 300){
        x = -300;
        y += 100;

Operation effect