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Qunee Developer Guide

Selectable Filtering, Movable Filtering

Movable Filtering

If the control element is movable - isMovable(item) → {Boolean}

default to obtain the movable property of element, and user can have custom edition:

isMovable : function(item) {
 return item.movable !== false;

For example, judge if the element can be moved via the name of element

var canMove = graph.createNode("Q-Node", -100, -50);
var cannotMove = graph.createNode("Node", 100, 50);
var edge = graph.createEdge("Hello\nQunee", canMove, cannotMove);
graph.isMovable = function(item){
    return &&'Q') === 0;

Selectable Filtering

What is similar includes whether the control function is selectable isSelectable(item)