Qunee for HTML5 is an open product, you can request a free trial, we offer 15 days trial support services, during the trial period, You can tell us your development needs, it is best to have the schematic, we will provide a prototype example, so that you can quickly get started and develop, if Qunee meet your project needs, please purchase duly authorized.

Qunee for HTML5 V2.0 Price


Buy Qunee duly authorized, you can eliminate the watermark, lifting restrictions on the number of elements of performance and provide one year of technical support and upgrade services
License Type USD$ Price Buy

Project License

licenses to a single project, can be deployed on a single server and domain, no time limit, and half year support
$5,000 Purchase

Site License

licenses to a single product, that can be deployed on any number of servers or domain, no time limit, and one year support
$10,000 Purchase

Continuous upgrade

Renew within one month after expire date
30% Upgrade